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Toro Bravo

Toro Bravo is a Spanish restaurant in NE Portland, Oregon created by restaurateur chef John Gorham. The menu of pintxos, tapas, charcuteria, and raciones changes daily based on seasonal variations, local farmers' produce, and the kitchen crew's inspiration, incorporating elements of modern technique and unexpected flavors into classic Spanish cuisine. The beverage program focuses on both the Pacific Northwest and Spain with wine, beer, imaginative cocktails and a large selection of sherry. The open dining room of wood and industrial accents and Sangria Red walls helps create the lively and vibrant atmosphere that has secured Toro Bravo as one of Portland’s favorite restaurants since opening in 2007. In 2013, Gorham released The Toro Bravo Cookbook brimming with irreverent stories and nearly one hundred recipes, which has since been venerated by chefs, home cooks, and national media alike.

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John Gorham

Executive Chef / Owner

John Gorham is Co-Owner and Executive Chef of iconic Portland restaurants Toro BravoTasty n DaughtersTasty n AlderMediterranean Exploration CompanyShalom Y'all, and PLAZA DEL TORO, a gastronomic society / event space. Gorham believes that a chef’s cuisine and style is influenced by a trade route composed of travels, past work, cities lived in, and foods that their family made growing up. A ‘chef of the people’, Gorham celebrates a range of global cuisines at his influential restaurants; each with a unique identity but all embodying the quintessential Portland dining experience of family-style dishes, house-made charcuterie and seasonal sustainably-sourced ingredients.

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Nicolas St. Arnold

Chef De Cuisine

Nicolas started cooking from a vey young age. He remembers always wanting to help cook breakfast every Sunday morning with his parents and later into his teens being tasked with cooking for his family. He has worked in the restaurant industry his whole life and has never had a job that didn’t involve serving or cooking for people. Spanish food is where Nic is comfortable and what he enjoys cooking the most.